Found In Him: Scripture for Chapter 6

What are you hungry for today?


Do you find yourself lonely and wishing someone would reach out to you? Are you nagged by guilt over something you regret doing or saying? Are you sad about lost things, broken things, dead things, twisted things? Or are you restless, bored, tired of the routine? Hungry for adventure? Hungry for life?

I’m so glad chapter 5 wasn’t the last chapter of this book.  As wonderful as it is that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, if that was the end of the story our faith would be in vain. If his story ended in death, ours would, too.

But it doesn’t. He is risen! In Chapter 6 we get to consider his resurrection, ponder its significance, and celebrate its victory. What does is mean that he is alive today? At the very least, it means that all of our good hungers–not just our need for forgiveness, but our hunger for life–will be satisfied.

Because his story ends in life, ours will, too.

Let’s think about it together, not just this week as we study, but every day of our lives until we see him again.

Day 1. Mark 16:3, Matthew 28:2. What did the women expect to find when they came to the tomb? What did they plan to do? Why were their expectations exploded? What are you expecting today? Have you factored in the resurrection of Jesus into your hopes and plans?

Day 2. John 20:11-18. As you read this scene, imagine you are Mary. Imagine the walk to the tomb, blinded by your tears. Feel the hopelessness, the numbness that causes you not to be shocked by the stone rolled away, the angels in white. Hear the question of the angels “Why are you weeping?” See the man standing. Hear him say your name. Sister, are you weeping today? Hear Jesus say your name. And know that his Father is your Father today.

Day 3. John 21:15-19. As you read this conversation between Jesus and Peter, think about what happened between their previous conversation and this one. What did Peter think he could do for Jesus then? What does Jesus say that he will be able to do for him now? (John 21:18-19). Are you disappointed in yourself? How does the resurrected Christ give you hope for transformation?

Day 4. John 20:24-29. What does Jesus do after he greets the disciples? What does he say to Thomas? What would you have said to Thomas? Take your doubts and fears, your faith and lack of faith to him today. The risen Jesus will reassure you, through his Spirit, that it’s all true.

Day 5. Acts 1:6-11. Imagine you are one of the disciples. What is your question for Jesus? What is his answer?  Watch him ascend. Are you surprised by what the angels say? How does their statement give you hope? How does it move you to action? Now picture that day when he returns, still wearing his resurrected body. That’s our hope, a future certainty. Not if, but when.

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the resurrection and ascension of our Jesus. God wants to make our hope more real to us today than it was yesterday.

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