Found In Him: Scripture for Chapter 10

We’ve come to the last chapter of Found in Him, the chapter where our “I love you!” comes in response to his.


Application time at last! You might be thinking, now I get to roll up my sleeves and do something for Jesus. He’s done enough for me. It’s my turn.

We’re hungry to get to work, to prove our love for him. After all, his work is finished, so we guess that means ours has just begun. It doesn’t take long before we deplete our meager love and find ourselves running on empty again. Hungry for love. His love.

In this final chapter Elyse takes a different approach to the topic of application. Instead of a to do list, we find that our transformation is rooted in believing what he has already done. And living there. In fact, we’re called to abide, not in our love for him, but in his love for us.

Here are some Scriptures to focus on as we finish our study.

Day 1. Ephesians 5:25-57. Done! As you reread these familiar verses, notice the verbs. Which verbs are past tense? Write them down. These are done, finished by the work of Jesus on your behalf. Which verbs start with the word “might” (modal verbs)? These are in process, but certain because of what he has already done.

Do you have a lot to do today? Are you aware of unfinished business in your soul as well as your schedule? Write this one word on a post it note and put it where you can see it. Done!

Day 2. 1 John 4:10, 19. First love. Are you struggling to love someone in your life right now? A strong-willed child? A stubborn spouse? A flaky friend? A customer, boss, or co-worker? Before you try harder or give up in despair, take a look at his love in these two verses. Where does love come from? What does it look like? Receive first. Then ask him to show you how to love that person today.

Day 3. Galatians 5:19-21, 22-23. Flesh versus Spirit. Read Galatians 5:19-21. Which of these works of the flesh is the biggest temptation for you? Is the battle fierce in this area today? Read Galatians 5:22-23. The fruit of the Spirit is a description of Christ in you. Because he is in you, you have his love, joy, peace…right now. Close your eyes and revel in that for a moment. Then open your eyes and walk by the Spirit into your day. He will help you!

Day 4. Matthew 11:28-30. Come to me. Are you weary today? Burdened not just by your duties but by yourself? Are you overwhelmed by troubles? Distracted and pulled in many directions? Don’t try to solve this on your own. Come to him. Remember how he has loved you. Find rest in his presence today. You are equally yoked to your husband.

Day 5. John 15:1-5, 9. Abide. What is true of you according to these verses? v. 2,v. 3, v. 4, v. 5. Draw a picture or write a memo to yourself about this truth. Where does your mind tend to live? In regret? worry? busyness? arguments? He loves you, utterly, completely, perfectly, forever. Live there. Stay there. Abide in his love.

He will continue to change us into his image from one degree of glory to the next, as we gaze at him. I love Elyse’s final paragraph:

If you believe these truths, nothing will ever separate you from his love for you. You can’t mess this up. You didn’t earn it so you can’t forfeit it. It is a gift of love. He is yours. You are his. Forever.

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